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Printable April Calendars (2024)

As a rule, planning a month using printable April calendars is an awesome way to start planning for the next month.

Undoubtedly, April calendar prints for 2023 will help you with your daily routine, family schedule, professional life, and more.

However, there’s a pretty chance you’ll be putting that off for as long as possible.

Generally, when you first get your first bunch of planners, everything seems intimidating and stressful.

Let’s face it – messing up brand-new calendar pages is your worst nightmare.

For this reason, I always recommend starting with something simpler and definitely more affordable.

With this in mind, I designed a lot of free planner printables, including 2023 April calendar templates.

Also, you may ask why I share with you these aesthetic April 2023 calendar printables for free.

Well, mostly because I use them all the time.

And I know how they help me to stay organized for the next months.

Finally, I designed these vertical monthly calendar printables in a simple and minimalist design. 

Also, they come in US letter size and the layouts start on Sunday.

By the way, these April calendars will look so classy in your home and/or work environment.

Also, I left plenty of empty space inside each April calendar pdf template so people can write down upcoming events easily without feeling cramped at all.

Aesthetic Printable April Calendars 2023

Sunday start April 2023 calendar download

So without further ado, here’s a list of 2023 April calendars you can download below.

  • cute April 2023 calendar printable in muted pink
  • pink April calendar pdf
  • minimalist April calendar print in peach pink
  • pretty 2023 April calendar template in soft red
  • simple April calendar printable in earthy peachy pink
  • elegant April printable calendar in sage green

As you can see, my general aesthetic is very simple, and minimal when it comes to fonts and color palettes.

Because I’m the type of person that values peace and harmony in life, it also extends to my designs.

Basically, I put out only quality products, no matter if they’re free or paid.

For this reason, you get unique printable April calendars with a pinch of magic.

How to Resize Printable April Calendars

Although April calendars are perfect for bullet journals, sometimes you might find yourself frustrated with the size of free templates.

In other words, when this happens it’s easy to get stuck and give up.

Luckily, this simple instruction will guide you on how to resize free calendar templates.

  • open your printables in Adobe Reader (the free version is ok)
  • click a printer icon
  • go to Page Setup
  • select Paper Size
  • click Ok and then Print

Cute April 2023 Calendar Printable

pink monthly April calendars

Unquestionably, the printable April calendars are a great way to see the whole month laid out before you.

In fact, it’s a perfect planner page if you want a bird’s eye view of April.

For example, you can use daily squares like blocks.

Just start with larger projects, events, and travel days so it’s easier to plan out a lot of little life stuff.

Along with this, I highly recommend using a color-code system to easily see where you should be focusing your time.

For instance, I use the following colors:

  • green – projects (work)
  • blue – personal events and appointments
  • pink – travel days, road trips, holidays, etc
cute 2023 free planner printanle pdf


Pink April Calendar Pdf

aesthetic pink April 2023 monthly calendar pdf

Definitely, we’re all guilty of prioritizing somebody’s else needs over ours.

For this reason, April is a great time to take care of yourself and make sure you’re going to schedule “you” time.

By making small changes every day you’ll see how your life quality skyrocket.

For instance, schedule low-impact fitness workouts or take one evening off to read a book from cover to cover.

But remember to mark it in your monthly calendar.

Minimalist April Calendar Print

elegant April printable calendar

Undoubtedly one of the most common questions I get from my reader is about how to get things done quicker with less effort.

And while I don’t know a simple, one-fit-all answer, there’re some things you can do.

In general, your goal is to simplify your life without cutting back on your self-care time.

Obviously, you don’t have time for everything.

However, planning weekly meals, creating a cleaning schedule, and batching tasks – are all these simple things you can implement in your daily routine.

Pretty 2023 April Calendar Template

aethetic monthly bullet journal printable calendar

Now that you’re about to enter the new month, it’s time for you and my fellow planners out there (including me) to start planning.

Before getting started with your own plans or ideas on what needs doing this upcoming week, there’s one simple trick you need to know.

Always start planning by breaking down your biggest project of the month into smaller assignments and tasks.

In other words, you want to start with a simple monthly schedule.

This way you’ll have a solid plan and avoid procrastination.

Simple April Calendar Printable

minimalist pink April 2023 calendars

Undoubtedly, planning is the key to success.

However, writing a huge to-do list without prioritizing tasks doesn’t help.

Moreover, it makes your monthly schedule overloaded and impossible to follow.

And this is the straight way to feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and basically like a failure.

Planning means analyzing every little task and asking yourself some simple questions::

  • can you do it in less than 5 minutes?
  • if not, what’s the next step?
  • is it important/time-sensitive to get done this week?
  • can you postpone it to next month?
  • can you delegate it?

Definitely, it’s a great way to fill your monthly schedule with the most important, urgent, and relevant tasks.

Elegant April Printable Calendar

green April monthly overview free template

Although you can’t control time, you’re able to schedule your tasks in the right way.

Obviously, the way of planning depends strongly on your lifestyle, work environment, family, etc.

However, making monthly plans helps you achieve your professional goals while still having time for meeting with friends, taking a nap, or reading books.

As a rule, plans usually don’t work out as planned.

Basically, things will always take more time than you expected.

In this case, I always keep in mind to be as pessimistic as I can while filling up the monthly calendar.

Just think about what could go wrong.

Actually, it may give you more flexibility when things do happen unexpectedly since you know how much work can get done.

Download Your Cute April Calendar Printables

and get April calendars here!

vertical monthly calendar 2023

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Printable April Calendars – Final Thoughts

As you can see, it’s a great thing to have a monthly plan to know what you should be doing during the whole month.

Moreover, making plans for April is a great way to stay organized and focused on your goals.

Even if you don’t have time to plan every day, at least make sure to schedule your priorities.

For this reason, take a few minutes and write down what needs to be done for this month.

After that, start filling up your monthly calendars or planners with deadlines, birthdays of family members, etc.

Happy planning!

Printable April Calendars