Cute January Calendar Printable [2022]

Today I share with you my favorite cute January calendar printable for 2022.

Yes, I know that the idea of planning out your whole month can be stressful.

However, with these cute January calendars, you’ll never miss an important date again.

In other words, you’ll know exactly what to expect and when it’s coming up.

However, I’m not talking about the boring paper January calendars that you’ve been using so far.

I’m talking about beautiful January calendar printable designs.

Definitely, their neutral colors and modern typography will make you smile every time you look at them.

So here you can download free January 2022 calendar templates.

As a result, your future self won’t have to worry about forgetting any important events ever again.

In case you’re wondering what you’ll get, here’s a shortlist of January calendar free printables:

  • cute January calendar printable in muted pink
  • aesthetic 2022 January calendars in pink
  • elegant January calendar printable in peach pink
  • simple January printable calendar in soft red
  • January monthly overview in earthy peachy pink
  • minimalist calendar for January 2022 in sage green

In other words, these vertical monthly calendar printables have a simple, minimalist design.

Also, they come in a US letter size.

The layouts start on Sunday.

In fact, they’re perfect for any home office.

Alternatively, feel free to print these January calendar templates out.

Moreover, I left a lot of space in these aesthetic calendar January 2022 templates.

As a result, you can write notes about upcoming events with ease.

Cute January Calendar Printable

Minimalist Calendar January 2022 Bullet Journal Planner

Firstly, this cute January calendar printable will be your favorite.

Especially, if you love the simple design.

However, you probably want something a little more aesthetic and eye-catching.

Basically, picture yourself planning your day with this pretty January monthly planner page.

Now you can make plans for the first month of 2022.

In other words, you keep track of different appointments, project deadlines, events, etc.

Along with this, fill in blank spaces to schedule all of your tasks, everyday activities, meals, workouts, school projects.

Furthermore, one of the best ways to stay motivated and productive each month is by writing out your monthly goals.

In fact, I recommend making this list every single month, starting with goals for January.

With this in mind, I always try to leave some blank space for notes.

Definitely, feel free to use it as your monthly goals list.

Alternatively, you can also write down reminders, new ideas, or other important things you need to remember.

In conclusion, you get a cute January 2022 calendar that suits your needs.

And all you have to do is to print your favorite one.

To sum up, this is a digital product ready for instant download.

Here you find a link to Dropbox where you download a pdf file with all six templates.

However, you don’t need to have a Dropbox account in order to download pdf files.

Alternatively, below each of the images, I put a direct link to get the specific free template.

You can download the printables only for personal use.

You may not sell, loan, transfer, share or give away my free templates.

How to Resize Free Calendar Templates

For the past few months, I’ve been using templates as bullet journal printables.

But it wasn’t always so easy for me because many of them only come in one size.

Usually, they’re larger than I needed for my notebook.

For this reason, resizing pdfs is a skill I really needed to learn.

Luckily there are plenty of online tutorials that teach you how to resize pdfs.

For instance, I use the following steps:

  • open your printables in Adobe Reader (free version is ok)
  • click a printer icon
  • go to Page Setup
  • select Paper Size
  • click Ok and then Print

Aesthetic Calendar January 2022

Elegant January 2022 Calendar Free Printable

Do you need a new January calendar?

If yes, I designed a nice monthly template for you.

Basically, I customized a simple monthly calendar for January 2022 into an aesthetic and cute one.

Not only it’s nice, pretty designed but also practical.

Here’s the best free calendar you can print out for yourself.

Get Your Minimalist January 2022 Calendar in Muted Pink

Aesthetic Pink 2022 January Calendars

Pretty Calendar January 2022

Hi! I’m your new aesthetic January 2022 calendar printable and I’m here to help you plan for next week.

All jokes aside, this January calendar print is available in a cute pink color.

No need to buy expensive calendars when this printable comes with the 2022 January calendar.

Definitely, here you can find some of the best free calendars you can print out for yourself.

Get Your Cute January 2022 Calendar in Pink

Elegant January 2022 Calendar Free Printable

Aesthetic Calendar January 2022

Undoubtedly, the best way to get through January is with a delicious cup of hot chocolate by your side.

We all know how difficult it can be to stay positive in the winter without tempting cinnamon chocolates and red cups, so here’s my take on the perfect kick-off for great January.

Well, sorry if you don’t have an elegant January 2022 template handy to plan ahead for fun events this month because I do.

So don’t hesitate and go simple with these pretty free printable calendar templates!

Get Your Simple January 2022 Calendar in Peach Pink

Simple January Printable Calendar

Cute January Calendar 2022

Also, this year play with your January to-do list with a simple January printable calendar.

Whether you’re looking for a fresh start or just need some help getting organized before February, I’ve got what you need.

Get ready for the new month and start organizing all those thoughts in your head.

Get Your Elegant January 2022 Calendar in Soft Red

Pretty January Calendar To Print

Minimalist Calendar Bullet Journal Planners

You know that feeling when you have a really busy week.

And there just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done.

For this reason, using a pretty January calendar to print is a real-life saver.

Get Your Modern January 2022 Calendar in Earthy Pink

Minimalist Calendar

Pretty January Bujo Monthly Overview

Undoubtedly, a planner is an integral part of being organized.

For this reason, you need to have something on your wall or on your desk that reflects your personality.

One of the most popular planners I’ve ever created is this minimalist January calendar printable.

Get Your Modern January 2022 Calendar in Sage Green

Free February Calendars 2022

february 2022 calendar

Last but not least, feel free to print out February 2022 calendars.

February Calendar Printable

Free Bullet Journal Printables

If you’re looking for a way to organize your life, then look no further.

I created various free bullet journal printable pages.

In other words, you can simply organize your life by printing the layouts out.

From goal setting, through budgeting, to working out, this planner has it all.

Click the bold headlines to see what’s inside!

Free Printable Planner 2022

free bullet journal planner 2022 pdf minimalist

Habit Tracker Template

bullet journal habit tracker template 2022

Fitness Journal

fintess tracker templates bullet journal planner

Goal Setting Templates

bullet journal goal free printables

Budget Planner Printables

free bullet journal expense trackers printable

Cute January Calendar 2022 – Final Thoughts

The New Year is just around the corner.

It’s time to get ready for a whole new set of 2022 January calendars.

Whether you want something simple or more colorful, these cute January calendars come with a wide variety.

Basically, I’m pretty sure you find the January pdf template that will surely fit your needs.

These downloadable cute January calendars are perfect for all sorts of creative folks.

For example, they can be used by:

  • artists for a doodling challenge
  • gardeners for planning gardens
  • home managers for a cleaning schedule

Undoubtedly, the end of each month is an excellent time to get ready for the next one.

There can be so much pressure when you’re trying to balance your life.

Your work life, family responsibilities, social activities but also study, self-care, etc.

It can take up hours every day.

However, keeping a cute January calendar printable helps me stay organized though.

So I share with you other cute printable monthly calendars for 2022.

In other words, if you want to create a cohesive 2022 free printable planner, I’ve got your back.

Just grab the following monthly calendar pdf templates:

  • March (coming soon)
  • April (coming soon)
  • May (coming soon)
  • June (coming soon)
  • July (coming soon)
  • August (coming soon)
  • September (coming soon)
  • October (coming soon)
  • November (coming soon)
  • December (coming soon)

Happy planning!