Create a Vision Board in 7 Simple Steps [2021]

Although most of us might be a little bit skeptical about gluing photos, quotes, or other pieces into a piece of paper in order to fulfill your dreams, today you’re going to learn how to create a vision board in a bullet journal.  It’s proved that people who wrote down their goals were 42% more … Read more

Bullet Journal New Year’s Resolution Layout Ideas For 2021

new years resolutions bullet journal

Today I’ll show you how to crush your bullet journal New Year’s resolution list. Not only you’ll learn all about goal settings, but also you’ll get the ultimate guide on how to achieve them. However, I’m not a huge fan of creating a bullet journal New Year’s resolution list.  Definitely, I prefer setting specific goals … Read more

Best Bullet Journal Supplies You Need for 2021

Unquestionably, choosing the best bullet journal supplies is a little bit overwhelming for every beginner. So if you want to: learn what supplies do you need to start a bullet journal (hint: they don’t have to be expensive) discover the best bullet journal supplies like notebooks, pens, highlighters, and markers find out awesome bujo accessories, … Read more

Bullet Journal Key Ideas [with Cute Examples For 2021]

bullet planning

Definitely, you can make your planner organization easier with these awesome bullet journal key ideas. Today you’re going to learn: what is a bullet journal key how to use bullet symbols and bullet journal code for bullet planning three awesome bujo keys tips So let’s get started! This post may contain affiliate links. As an … Read more

Bullet Journal Index [The Ultimate Guide 2021]

simple indexes

This is an ultimate guide to bullet journal index.  So if you: don’t know what to index fill up the index way to quickly and your bullet journaling index looks cluttered and messy the notebook becomes dirty and worn out because of constant flipping through bujo pages in order to find specific pages Then this … Read more

Bullet Journal Self-Care Ideas: Get Your Life Together in 2021

bullet journal self care ideas

Today I’m going to show you how to start practicing self-care by setting up bullet journal self-care spreads. In fact, personal journaling actually can help you come up with your self-care routine, develop new habits, and take better care of yourself. So if you’re looking for simple bullet journal self-care ideas, here I put down … Read more

Bullet Journal Hacks [Get It Ready For 2021]

grid spacing bujo

Today you’re going to see my favorite bullet journal hacks.  So if you want to: set up your bullet journal for more organized use cut your bujo layouts set-up time a half make your bujo pretty even if you’re not an artist fix mistakes fast and easy organize your bullet journal supplies Then you’ll love … Read more

Free Printable Gratitude Journal Pdf [with Prompts]

gratitude journal workbook free

Today you’ll learn how to use this simple free printable gratitude journal pdf and why it works. Indeed, getting started a gratitude journal, and actually keeping it can be a real struggle.  In fact, I tried making daily gratitude journaling a habit several times.  After a lot of trials and errors, I finally come up … Read more

Minimalist Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads [2021 Update]

weekly layout key

Today you’re going to learn how to set up minimalist bullet journal weekly spreads that help you: plan and organize an entire week (even if your schedule is crazy busy) stay focus on your main goals set weekly priorities to stop overloading your to-do list  relieve stress and anxiety estimate time for specific tasks avoid … Read more

Bullet Journal Future Log Ideas for 2021

bullet journal future log ideas

Today you’re going to learn how to plan ahead with a bullet journal future log.  In fact, the bullet journal future log helped me to manage my long-terms projects, future appointments or events. So if you think you can’t start a bullet journal because: you need a calendar future planning in a bujo seems complicated … Read more