Bullet Journal Setup in 7 Actionable Steps [2021 Update]

bujo beginners 2021 guide

Today you’re going to learn how to create a successful bullet journal setup in 7 simple steps: learn bullet journal basics choose bullet journal supplies brainstorm ideas (without Pinterest or Instagram!) map out the notebook sketch the bullet journal spreads with pencil create bujo layouts with pen decorate your bullet journal (optional)  In fact, this … Read more

Bullet Journal Budget Layouts [Master Your Finances in 2021]

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Today I share with you bullet journal budget layouts that’ll help you to get your money under control and manage it like a girl boss (with millions on her account). In fact, this bullet journal setup for personal finance helped me to cut off my monthly expenses by a third, start saving more money and … Read more

Bullet Journal Quotes: 30+Inspirational Quotes for 2021

bullet journal uplifting quotes

This is the ultimate list of bullet journal quotes to put in your notebook. As a rule, you can create quotes for bullet journal as a: separate bujo page a part of a bigger spread (for example, weekly spread) So if you’re wondering what else you can write in your bullet journal, quotes may be … Read more

Best Daily Journals For 2021 [My Honest Review]

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Ready to grab a list of best daily journals? Generally, as you already know, I’m a bullet journal type of person. So if you’re wondering why I wanted to get a premade daily journal, I have a confession to make.  Although I’m a massive fan of bullet journaling, which gives me this amazing freedom of … Read more

Bullet Journal Tips: Make Your Bujo Work In 2021

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This is the complete list of bullet journal tips for beginners, intermediate bujo lovers, and advanced bullet journalists. So if you’re: looking for help getting started with a bullet journal dreaming of a successful bullet journal thinking that the bullet journal system is confusing Then this post will help you learn how to make bullet … Read more

Best Bullet Journal Notebook: My Ultimate List For 2021

Once you decided to give bullet journaling a try, your next step is to find the best bullet journal notebook. Now, when keeping a bullet journal is so hyped, there are many bujo notebook options to choose from, and, as a consequence, you may get stuck easily. Because, what the best bullet journal notebook really … Read more

Minimalist Bullet Journal: How To Create The One For 2021

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First and foremost, this is an unrivaled minimalist bullet journal setup guide. Indeed, today I’m going to show you how to bullet journal like a minimalist. So if you want to know: what makes your bullet journal minimalist what minimalism in bullet journaling means (hint: it isn’t always about creating black and white artsy stuff) … Read more

Craft Storage Ideas: 40+ Hacks For Small Spaces

craft storage ideas blog post

In this blog post, I share with you the best craft storage ideas for small spaces. Therefore, if you catch yourself losing your favorite pen in your messy drawer the fifth time this week, you’ll love this ultimate guide on how to declutter and organize craft supplies. Today I’ll show you: how to declutter and … Read more

Create a Vision Board in 7 Simple Steps [2021]

Although most of us might be a little bit skeptical about gluing photos, quotes, or other pieces into a piece of paper in order to fulfill your dreams, today you’re going to learn how to create a vision board in a bullet journal.  It’s proved that people who wrote down their goals were 42% more … Read more

Bullet Journal New Year’s Resolution Layout Ideas For 2021

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Today I’ll show you how to crush your bullet journal New Year’s resolution list. Not only you’ll learn all about goal settings, but also you’ll get the ultimate guide on how to achieve them. However, I’m not a huge fan of creating a bullet journal New Year’s resolution list.  Definitely, I prefer setting specific goals … Read more