Bedroom Cleaning Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner

Bedroom Cleaning Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner


For most people, the bedroom is the most homely and personal part of their homes. A lot of persons love to cozy up in their homes, especially in their bedrooms and escape the troubles of the world. When your bedroom is always clean and fresh smelling, it becomes even cozier.

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Everyone would love to come home to a clean and sweet smelling bedroom, but with all the activities they get involved in can’t make out time to get their bedrooms to that fresh and sweet smelling state. With the bedroom cleaning hacks presented in this article, you should be able to spend the shortest time cleaning your bedroom and getting it to its most welcoming state.


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5 Bedroom Cleaning Hack You Wish You Knew Sooner



I. Clean Blinds With Vinegar

Blinds are known for giving bedrooms the right level of coziness. With blinds, one gets the proper mix of light and ventilation as needed. Blinds are also known for holding dust which could even make a bedroom unhealthy.

One quick hack for cleaning blinds is by making a vinegar solution that is half part water and half part vinegar. Cleaning blinds with such a vinegar solution and a good water absorbent material will wipe all the dust away ensuring clean ventilation.

II. Clean Mattresses With Vodka

There are different materials that can give a mattress an unwanted smell. You could tackle such as mattress with vodka in a spray bottle spraying the affected parts. You could also add the favorite essentials oil flavor to give the mattress and the rest of the bedroom a sweet-smelling odor.


III. Iron Out Carpet Stains

Carpets tend to accumulate stains over time, and ironing these stains out can give the carpet a facelift. Here’s how this trick works.

Make a vinegar solution with a concentration of about 30%, three parts water, and one part vinegar. Afterward, spray the solution over the spotted area. Lay an absorbent rag over the stain, and iron the stain out.

This hack gives the carpet and the rest of the room a facelift.

IV. Keep Fur Away With A Dishwashing Glove

Pets are lovely and get to share one’s bed with them every now and then. They also leave their fur behind as souvenirs, and this could disturb the serene state of owner’s bedroom. This simple hack can be applied daily to keep the pets close and their fur away.

Dampen a dishwashing glove and run the glove through the entirety of the bedroom to catch the fur. Afterward, rinsing the glove puts the fur in one spot from which they can be disposed.

V. Keep Your Mattress A No-Dust-Mite Zone With Baking Soda And Vinegar

Dust mites are some of the most unwanted visitors in any mattress, and they keep inviting themselves in even without an invitation. The following hack will keep dust mites away.

Remove beddings and apply baking soda on the mattress. Vacuum the baking soda off after 2 hours and spray a 50% vinegar solution on the mattress and allow to dry. The dust mites should be gone now.


Here you go: five hacks to keep your bedroom fresh smelling and in the cleanest and healthiest state.

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