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Bullet Journal Monthly Layout Ideas

Bullet Journal Monthly Log Ideas

Before the beginning of every single month, your main priority is to find the best bullet journal monthly layout.

There is so many inspiration you can find on Pinterest that you may feel a little bit overwhelmed pretty soon. That is why I share with you some awesome bullet journal monthly layout ideas that are easy to make.

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Get inspired and remember that the best bullet journal is the one that works for you, suits your needs and fits your lifestyle. There is no right or wrong way to set up a bullet journal monthly spreads. This is the reason so many of us fall in love with this system. One hundred percent customization and personalization – this is the secret of bullet journal success.

Simple Bullet Journal Monthly Log Layout

Let’s begin with something really simple. You simply write the days and dates of the month in two parallel lines. And then you just add your monthly events, appointments or due dates to each day. What is more, if you use a Dutch door, on the next page you have enough space for your monthly goals, to-do list, notes or whatever you want.

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Easy Bullet Journal Layouts

Another undemanding way to create bujo monthly spread is to use bullet journal stencils. These make it so easy to do any shapes. All you have to do is to grab a super fine pen or marker and start designing the monthly pages.

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Vertical Bullet Journal Monthly Log

For less busy months, you can create a vertical bullet journal monthly layout. It looks so cool and unique but still functional. Always have fun with bullet journaling and try something new.

By the way, I love this minimalist look – especially the black box with white lettering.

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One Page Monthly Layout

This kind of bullet journal spread is perfect for people looking just to have an easy and quick way to glance at for an entire month. Additionally, using the color code is a great way to stay organized. Choose different colors for projects, family, events, birthdays, etc.

pinterest bullet journal monthly layout

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Minimalist Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

If you want to stay away from colors, the minimalist bujo monthly layouts seem to be perfect for you. However, they don’t have to be boring. While you don’t use fancy colors, these still can look pretty amazing. The good news – you only need a pen and a ruler.

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Bullet Journal Monthly Layout Printable

In order to make your life, even more, easier, many bullet journalists share with you instant bujo downloads. You just download and print them out.

This amazing (free!) printable I found here.

bullet journal monthly layout

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Bullet Journal Monthly Spread Ideas – Final Thoughts

No matter if you choose a vertical monthly layout, add some colors or quite a contrary: you stick with a minimalist design, bullet journal monthly log is a great page for tracking your upcoming events, deadlines and birthdays in one place.

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