Do you begin every single month from looking for some new bullet journal monthly spreads ideas?

The original bullet journal was a super simple analog system for keeping track of tasks, appointments, and random thoughts. It was an organizational tool and for most of us, it is still just that. But because the basic idea is so easy and beautiful, it can also become a creative outlet for you.

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Because it is such a simple system, it’s easy to customize it for your needs. If you need ideas, head on over to YouTube or follow a few bullet journal enthusiasts on Instagram. You’ll get plenty of ideas to help you customize your bullet journal for your needs.


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Quite a few creative bullet journalers use their notebooks as an art journal in addition to keeping track of their daily tasks. They look forward to creating beautiful weekly or monthly spreads to track appointments and play with pretty hand-drawn fonts for their daily headers.

Here are seven amazing bullet journal monthly spreads to keep your life organized.

7 Amazing Bullet Journal Monthly Spreads To Keep Your Life Organized


I. Blue-Green Monthly Spread

I love this bullet journal monthly spread. It’s simple yet has a Spring vibe. The botanicals are so pretty and detailed.

Image courtesy of bujobeyond

II. Pastel Monthly Spread

This pastel color palette looks just perfect for Spring. The yellow accents definitely add some character.

Image courtesy of bujo_by_me

III. Colorful Monthly Spread

“Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn”. This inspiring and colorful monthly layout I would like to try now!

Image courtesy of michikoi101

IV. Flowery Monthly Spread

Another beautiful leafy/flowery theme. I love those little flowers.

Image courtesy of ameliajadejournals

V. Watercolor Dreamcatcher Monthly Spread

This watercolor layout is a pure perfection. Really love the feathers and boho feel. If you want to see how to create a watercolor dreamcatcher bullet journal monthly spread, watch Oana’s tutorial below.

For more inspiration subscribe Oana’s YouTube channel

VI. Galaxy-themed Monthly Spread

This spread really stands out. I love galaxy trend. I am happy that I found it also in bullet journal world.

Image courtesy of misfit.plans

VII. Wildflowers Monthly Spread

I don’t know what I like more: the fact that this printable wildflowers monthly spread is minimalistic or that it contains a section with goals, tasks, social stats, and important dates.

You can get your bullet journal printable on Etsy

How creative you get with your journal is entirely up to you and the accessories you use are almost endless. If you find it fun and helpful, go for it. Don’t be afraid to experiment or mess up. It’s a journal after all and there’s beauty in imperfection.

For inspiration for your creative journal pages look no further than the internet. You’ll find a thriving community of fellow artsy bullet journalers on YouTube and Instagram. Get new ideas and try new techniques by joining in the fun.

Don’t forget about the creative opportunities the cover pages of your journals offer. Try out some decoupage, sew a custom cover, or get out those leather tooling tools to give your bullet journal a personal touch. In other words, let out your creative side and have fun with your journal.

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