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Lego Storage Tricks Every Parent Should Know

Today I show you the best Lego storage ideas, even for a massive collection.

Without a doubt, Lego can be so tough to organize.

So if you:

  • find Lego everywhere in your home
  • are going crazy with all the Legos in your house
  • find the fancy DIY organization hacks on Pinterest just don’t work for you
  • want to protect your feet (believe me, I can relate)

and an excessive amount of pieces make you anxious, then you’ll love this ultimate guide on how to realistically organize Lego on a budget while living with true Lego addicts.

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How to Organize Lego

If you’re wondering what is the best way to store Lego, without a doubt, there’re so many awesome-looking Lego storage ideas you can find on Pinterest. 

However, if it turns out to be a big hit or a big flop depends on how your kids like to play with Lego and where they want to do it.

Generally, there are two ways of playing with Lego either putting the sets together or mixing all the pieces to build your own creations.

The Best Lego Storage for Lego Sets

Obviously, it’ll so much easier to deal with the “building only sets” type of Lego maniac.

Not only do you have fewer extra pieces lying all around your home, but also it takes less time to put them away when it’s time for the evening cleaning routine.

While storing the sets in the original Lego boxes definitely is the cheapest way, they’re simply too big. Moreover, it takes too much space to store the sets separately.

With this in mind, you can organize Lego by sets with:

Labeled Stackable Drawer Storage

Generally, this colorful panel of drawers is a great choice if you’re looking for an aesthetic organizing storage unit for your kids’ room.

Personally, I think it could work only if your Lego collection is pretty small.

Otherwise, it can quickly become rather a pricey investment.

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See-Through Stackable Containers

On the other hand, you can get a pack of clear storage containers.

Definitely, it’s a more affordable option, but you may want to store them, for example, in a closet.

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Ziplock Slider Storage Bags

No products found.

Undoubtedly, it’s a perfect solution if you want to store Legos by sets.

The ziplock bags allow you to organize manuals and pieces and keep them safe in one place without worrying about losing anything.

Additionally, getting ziplock bags in a large variety of sizes is the cheapest option, especially if your collection is huge.

ziplocks storage idea

Now when you choose your favorite Lego storage option, it’s time to sort them out.

And as painful as it sounds, here’re some tips and tricks to tackle the clutter.

How to Sort Lego Pieces by Sets

Similarly to assembling a larger Lego model, you want to disassemble it with instructions but read backward in order to check if your Lego set is complete.

While disassembling, make sure you separate the pieces into several bins, according to the original packages they were in, put them in zip lock bags, and, finally in a container.

In the case of missing pieces, you can order them from Lego. So just put them on the list, and maybe every three months place an order.

The Best Lego Storage for Mixed Lego

All the same, Lego is all about creativity. So if your kids love freestyle playing, mixing, and matching the pieces, just quiet your inner perfectionist and let them do it.

The Lego Toy Storage Basket & Play Mat

Definitely, this is my number one top favorite lego storage item.

lego organizer container store

What I love about the Lego mat is the fact that it

  • combines functionality with design
  • becomes a floor mat after opening
  • is portable
  • stores even the smallest Lego (or Duplo) pieces in one sack
  • is quick to clean up 
play mat toy storage
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How to Sort Mixed Lego Pieces

Sort By Type

Generally, this is the best way to sort smaller Lego pieces because it’s a lot easier to find them while building a new model.

lego storage container

Sort By Color

On the other hand, sort larger bricks by color. 

Obviously, sorting by color while evening cleaning up is such a waste of time. 

Indeed, it’s a daunting task so put them away in a separate bin and once a week sort them by color.

containers for legos

Put Away Only Lego Figures

Also, feel free to put away only Lego figures, grab a bead container, and sort them by heads, hair, bodies, legs, helmets, accessories, etc.

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Store Them Mixed

Definitely, the fastest way to put all the pieces away while cleaning is to store them in one container.

Lego Display Idea

Definitely, assembling Lego models is so much fun, but no matter if your kids build Lego kits or their own projects, they want to have a place to keep them on display.

Here are some simple and affordable ideas:

  • floating shelves
  • bookcase
  • display case
  • Lego shelves
dispaly case Lego

Lego Room Ideas

As I mentioned before, my two favorite men in the world are true Lego addicts.

For that reason, we’re lucky to have two separate Lego rooms.

First of all, we decided to get two heavy-duty 5-shelf storage unit and tweak it a little bit by adding a simple Ikea table.

Basically, we drilled two holes and put both legs in them.

Also, we set a clip-on light, because good lighting is everything.

Besides, we used metal S-shaped hanging hooks for additional Lego storage and a feather duster, definitely the best way to keep Lego building clean.

Lego room ideas
unit storage
Ikea hack bricks storage

Moreover, these holes can be great storage for longer Lego pieces like these ones.

Ninjago storage ideas

Last but not least, we hung the baseplates on the wall and created a Lego Minifigures display.

mini figures display

The second Lego room is definitely smaller, but it has everything every Lego fan needs: storage containers, floating shelves, and a table for the Lego building.

small wooden kids room ideas

Other Lego Storage Tips and Tricks

  • always store the sets with the right instruction
  • to find the place for projects in progress. It could be literally everything like a basket, bin, or plastic container
  • when it comes to traveling with Lego pieces, investing in a toy bag or making your own DIY Lego travel case
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  • get, or make a Lego table. You can get it on Amazon…
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…or just do it yourself. 

Personally, I prefer the second option.

You can easily create a Lego table with storage that suits your kids’ needs by gluing a baseplate to the Ikea Lack table or the Trofast storage unit.

table with baseplate

How to Organize Lego Manuals

Although it’s easy to go paperless nowadays and download all of the Lego instructions from the internet, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re drowning in piles of Lego books.

Obviously, it’s so much more convenient to create Lego masterpieces with paper manuals. 

Nevertheless, you can easily build up the collection and clutter your kids’ room with it.

As I mentioned before, I highly recommend keeping Lego sets with manuals together.

However, here’re some other options you may want to consider.

The Binder

First of all, you can store your Lego manuals in zippered sturdy plastic pockets and put them all together in a binder, categorized by theme.

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File Organizer

Also, a great way to store instructions is to get a file organizer. Again, stick a label with a specific theme and sort the instructions out.

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File Box with Hanging File Folders

This is the best example of how you’re able to control paper mess with pretty basic solutions. Having the file folders allows you to organize manuals in a few seconds.

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Lego Storage Ideas – Final Thought

To tell the truth, Lego is my less favorite kind of toy I’ve ever dealt with.

Although I know playing with Lego helps build fine motor skills, improve storytelling, boost creativity, and even learn math, having them all over our home can be really nervewracking.

Luckily, with these awesome lego storage tips, tricks, and ideas, you’re able to tackle Lego clutter fast and on a budget. 

To conclude, I hope you found some solutions that will help you to take control of Lego chaos for good.

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