These 10 Lego Storage Tricks Every Parent Should Know

These 10 Lego Storage Tricks Every Parent Should Know


As children grow, they go through different toy phases.

One of the more common play items of kids is Lego pieces.

The tiny size of Logos make them a bit complicated to account for, and they can create a lot of clutter.

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This article highlights some Lego storage ideas that can help with keeping your kids’ Legos organized.


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These 10 Lego Storage Tricks Every Parent Should Know


I. Lego Table

With this Lego storage table, you get a dedicated platform for your kids to build their favorite Lego structures. Also, the fact that this table is a restored TV table means that it can be moved and arranged to save space.

DIY found on Anika’s Diy Life

II. Lego Storage Mat

With a Lego mat, you get a simple storage material for all the pieces of Legos. Since it is a mat, it can also be easily wrapped and packed away after use acting as both a dedicated space for playtime and storage material.

III. Lack IKEA Table Turned Lego Table

Converting an IKEA Lack Table into a Lego table is one way of maximizing it. Attach Lego plates to the table and create a suitable play and storage space with different toys in the compartments of the table.

Read more on Centsational Style

IV. DIY Lego Storage Container

This is a simple LEGO storage idea that involves recycling a formula container. Painting it another color and drawing a smiley face on it only makes more fun and suitable for its purpose.

Whole tutorial you can find on Lolly Jane

V. IKEA Lego Table Hack

With this hack, you turn an IKEA side table to a Lego table becoming both a storage space and play area. The IKEA table for the hack can also be rolled away and stored appropriately after your kids have had all the fun they want for that day or period.

Learn how to build it onThe Decorated Cookie

VI. Organizers Storage Idea

It is important to maximize vertical space when organizing a space and sorting out different items. This is also true for Lego pieces. With organizers, one can maximize vertical space when organizing and sorting out the pieces, even arranging them according to color.

VII. Color-Coded Plastic Drawers

Plastic drawers are great Lego organization items as one can easily sort the Lego pieces according to color. Since they are transparent, one can easily tell the drawers with certain colors apart.

VIII. Under The Bed Lego Tray

When it comes to organizing Lego pieces and structures, even under the bed is a valid option, especially with a Lego tray. This simple under the bed tray was made with wooden materials and painted pink. The handles of the tray also make it much more accessible.

Visit At Charlotte’s House for tutorial

IX. Shelving Unit Storage Idea

With this hack, MDF is added to a shelving unit to create a form of a cupboard. The different layers provide a lot of storage space. The shelves can also be removed and used as play spaces.
Lego table and chair play and storage area.

Image courtesy of The Organised Housewife

X. Lego Table & Chair Set

With this table and chair set, one gets a dedicated storage and play space for their kids. This table and chair combination can also serve other purposes when your kids outgrow playing with Lego pieces.

Image courtesy of Fun At Home With Kids

There you go; ten amazing Lego storage ideas you could incorporate to make your life more clutter-free.

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