As the Summer is near to be only a lovely memory, I start gathering some creative bullet journal pages to create this fall.

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I love fall. There are so many funny and cozy things to do this season. It’s the perfect time to snuggle up.

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After summer themes like a tropical party with monstera leaves and tucan drinking Hawaiian Mimosas, I’m looking forward to the autumn colors, pumpkin doodles, and self-care spreads.


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5 Creative Bullet Journal Pages You Want To Create This Fall


I. Fall Bullet Journal: Bucket List

I think it’s so much fun to create Fall bucket list in bullet journal. It’s a great (and beautiful) way to remember how to make it more fun. I’m excited to start enjoying fall treats and activities (yes, hot apple cider- talking about you!)




II. Fall Bullet Journal: Reading / Movie Tracker

Create a list of films in your bullet journal to track all the films you want to watch this season. If fall inspires you to curl up in bed with a book, make a reading list (include creepy books as well).

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Use this bullet journal stencil to add movie/book tracker to your bullet journal even faster.

III. Fall Bullet Journal: Mood Tracker

Now when the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer, you can catch some “winter blues”.

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Keep track of your emotions daily. Recording your mood swings can improve your mental health during the decrease of sunlight.

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IV. Fall Bullet Journal: Halloween

Celebrate Halloween season with some spine-chilling spread ideas. Create bullet journal pages like costume ideas, home decor checklist, DIY to make, creepy movies to watch – whatever you need.

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Use Halloween washi tapes and stickers to spruce up your spreads.

V. Fall Bullet Journal: Thanksgiving

Let’s be reminded of all the reasons you should be grateful every day. Spend a few minutes with your gratitude log, writing down 3-5 things that you are truly grateful for.

Focus on the little things and moments from each day as well. It’s a great way to be more grateful not only at Thanksgiving.

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If you’re hosting Thanksgiving Dinner, you probably will need spreads like meal planning, guest lists or cooking schedule. Check out this Thanksgiving planning pages .

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