50 Bullet Journal Collection Ideas That’ll Make You A Lot Happier

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Unique Bullet Journal Pages and Cool Lists to Make in Your Bullet Journal Undoubtedly, the most fun part of setting up a personal bullet journal is creating an awesome bullet journal collection that you need. After you’ve set up your basic bullet journal collection ideas, lists and pages like the future log, monthly layout or … Read more

[The Best] Bullet Journal Monthly Layout Ideas

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Bullet Journal Monthly Log Ideas Before the beginning of every single month, your main priority is to find the best bullet journal monthly layout. There is so many inspiration you can find on Pinterest that you may feel a little bit overwhelmed pretty soon. That is why I share with you some awesome bullet journal … Read more

How To Make A Travel Diary For Your Next Trip

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Amazing Travel Diary Samples and Creative Travel Journal Ideas   After pinning like mad all spring cleaning articles, now it’s time to think about a vacation. Today you can learn how to make a travel diary that’ll help you to plan your trip ahead and keep all memories in one place. Disclosure: this post may … Read more

Travel Bullet Journal Ideas To Plan Your Best Vacation Ever

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Ideas for Travel Journal | Vacation Bullet Journal Whether you’re planning a long backpacking trip for a few months or just a short weekend trip, creating bullet journal travel pages will help you to determine your budget, the ultimate destination, and other organization lists. Discover my favorite journal ideas like a packing list, travel bucket … Read more

7 Bullet Journal Ideas That’ll Fix Your Organization Issues


You love your to-do lists. You have five planners (and yes, you need all five). Your iron mesh board is covered by a ton of yellow sticky notes with tasks, passwords, and your best friends’ birthdays. Sound familiar? Disclosure: this post may contain affiliate links. It means that I may receive a commission if you … Read more