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Create a Vision Board in 7 Simple Steps

Although most of us might be a little bit skeptical about gluing photos, quotes, or other pieces into a piece of paper in order to fulfill our dreams, today you’re going to learn how to create a vision board in a bullet journal. 

It’s proved that people who wrote down their goals were 42% more likely to achieve them than the ones who didn’t.

So if you want to gain clarity, boost your life, and set your current priorities, then you’ll love this ultimate guide on creating a vision board. 

In this post you’ll learn:

  • what a vision board is
  • what a vision journal is
  • the purpose of making a vision board
  • does vision journaling really work
  • how to create a vision board in a bullet journal
  • 5 bullet journal vision board tips
  • vision board supplies
  • quotes for vision boards & affirmations

Let’s dive right in.

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What is a Vision Board

digital vision board examples 2021

At first sight, a vision board looks like a work from a kindergarten art classroom. 

Basically, it’s a collage of newspaper photos, headlines, stickers, etc.

Apart from the funny part of creating a vision board, it’s a way of setting goals and manifesting your dreams by using physical things.

Basically, it allows you to turn your life vision that’s in your head into something tangible.

During creating a vision board, you precisely what you want to achieve and define it with a specific, visual form.

What Is a Vision Journal

motivational journal ideas

Another way to define what you want and who do you want to become is by keeping a visual journal. 

Similar to a vision board, you manifest your dreams in your journal.

In the same way, you can use photos, drawings, washi tapes, etc but, contrary to the board, you put them in a notebook. 

Also, you can use your vision journal in a traditional way by simply writing in it.

What Is The Purpose of Creating a Vision Board

Undoubtedly, creating a vision board in a bullet journal:

  • forces you to think about what you really want so you gain a clarity
  • guides you when you are stuck and don’t know what your next step is
  • keeps accountable if you follow the right path
  • reminds you what you’re working toward on a daily basis
  • constantly motivates you to keep working
  • helps to feel inspired in a creative way

[How] Does a Vision Journal Work

Indeed, the most common misconception about creating a vision board is the belief that cutting a picture of a white G-Wagon and sticking it to the paper is enough to actually get one.

For that reason, many of us tend to consider a vision board as a waste of time and, in general, bullshit.

Definitely, a vision board will work only if you take action.

So if you dream about getting this amazing car, you need to start by determining how much money it costs, how much money you have at the moment, and what you should do to get the difference.

That being the case, how does a vision board work?

Basically, it set your subconscious mind to be laser-focused on working towards your dreams and goals because your brain works in images.

How Do You Create a Vision Board

Now, that you already know a little bit more about the power of vision journaling, it’s time to show you how you can create a vision journal in 7 actionable steps.

Do a Brain Dump

Firstly, get a random piece of paper and clear your mind with the brain dump method.

Basically, all you have to do is to write down all the goals and dreams you have in your head. 

Just ask yourself what you want your future to be like assuming there is nothing holding you back.

For example, I wrote down such things as:

  • starting a Youtube channel
  • living in a van
  • making money as a hand lettering artist
  • starting a new blog
  • buying a rental property
  • getting leaner and fitter
  • creating self-care routines

Take a Reality Check with One Basic Question

Secondly, you need to ask yourself another important question about how are you going to feel when all your dreams, that you’ve just put on paper, come true.

This may sound obvious on the surface, but now it’s time to confront your goals with reality: your personality, strengths, weaknesses, and current lifestyle.

Then write down all adjectives you come up with next to a specific wish.

For example, let’s talk about me as an example.

First and foremost, I’m a highly sensitive introvert, a simple homebody who prefers writing thoughts instead of speaking them, overanalyzes literally everything, and easily gets overwhelmed

After taking a reality check, I give up dreams of:

  • being a Youtuber (lack of privacy, dealing with negative comments)
  • living in a van (always being on a move, low level of comfort, uncertainty)
  • making money as a hand lettering artist (lack the patience to practice every single day).

On the other side, this year I focus on:

  • starting a new blog (because I love writing), buying a rental property (because I want to feel safe), getting leaner and fitter (because I want to feel calm and strong), and creating a self-care routine (to feel happy and satisfied).
  • buying a rental property (because I want to feel safe)
  • getting leaner and fitter (because I want to feel calm and strong)
  • creating a self-care routine (to feel happy and satisfied).

As you can see, you should really be careful what you wish for.

Review Your Current Life

vision board ideas for life goals

Next, it’s time to review your current life to check where you stand at the moment.

Level 10 Life is a great exercise to assess where are you now, what are the next steps in order to achieve your goals, and how much time you need to accomplish them.

Definitely, it’s my favorite way of setting s.m.a.r.t (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, timed) goals.

Side note.

Unfortunately, this year I started setting goals in my bullet journal from Level 10 Life spread.

For this reason, you can still see my “start a YouTube channel” goal instead of the “start a new blog” one. So please, don’t come for me.

Choose Your Positive Morning Reminders 

Apart from goals, you can also put on your vision board the most important daily reminders you need to read daily.

Overall, your daily attitude is everything.

Choose [The Right] Images, Words, Quotes

At this time, choose the right images, words, and quotes appealing to you that represent your goals and daily reminders.

When it comes to “goal” images, try to be as specific as possible. 

For example, I used a photo of a specific rental property I want to get. 

Also, instead of writing general things like practicing yoga, I put a word that describes my feelings (remember step #2?) and some meaningful numbers (eg.20′).

Design Your Vision Journal 

create dream board

Now, you have four ways of designing your vision board in a bullet journal:

  • cut out pictures, headlines, and words and glue them into a bullet journal notebook
  • draw it
  • write it 
  • design your collage with an online tool like Canva, print it out, and stick it in a notebook [as I did]

Reflect On Your Board

Finally, create a routine of how exactly you’ll use a bullet journal vision board.

There are two schools on how to practically use a vision board.

One of them will tell you to create a vision and let it go.

Also, you may feel discouraged if you think your progress toward goals is too slow and your vision board reminds you about it every day.

On the other hand, as I mentioned before, a vision journal is an amazing tool that can keep you accountable and motivated. 

As a rule, you can only have one thought at a time. It depends solely on you if it’s positive or negative. 

After spending no more than 5 minutes per day, looking at your board, and visualizing your dreamed future, you’ll develop a new good habit to replace every negative thought with a positive one.

5 Tips To Get The Most Of Creating a Vision Board in a Bullet Journal

Set Up a Time for Creating a Vision Board

First and foremost, set aside at least an hour for making your bullet journal dream board.

Obviously, you can start gathering your photos, quotes, etc earlier, but scheduling the entire process helps you stop procrastinating and postpone it till eternity.

Also, choose the right environment where you can be 100% honest with yourself, without any kind of distractions and censorship, and take your time.

For this reason, attending a vision board workshop might be a bad choice for you if you tend to worry about what others think.

Avoid Seeking Dreamboard Ideas

Additionally, I’d be rather careful with vision journal inspiration. 

While there’s nothing wrong with being inspired by other bullet journalists’ design, layout, general style, or aesthetic, keep in mind that your vision board has to represent your goals and your dreams.

Definitely, it’s all about you, not anybody else. 

It’s ok to work toward “boring”, untrendy goals unless you stay true to yourself. 

Surely, not everyone has to dream about a big house with a pool in LA. Also, not everyone has to strive for fame and fortune.

Just you do you.

Redesign Your Vision Board From Time To Time

If you’re wondering how often should you redesign your bullet journal vision board, there’s no straightforward answer.

In my opinion, it depends on your goals’ time frame.

For instance, I work with quarterly goals.

With the big picture in mind, I like to check my vision journal’s relevancy every three months. 

Organize Your Bullet Journal Vision Board

Definitely, you want to avoid creating a chaotic vision journal so don’t put everything on it. You may want to limit yourself to maybe 9 points.

Also, you can put your images according to the Bagua Map used in Feng Shui. 

Basically, it’s a square divided into nine areas.

Each of them represents a different aspect of life like wealth, fame, love, family, well-being, children, knowledge, career, and travel. You can easily find a template online. 

Include the Practice of Visualizing Your Dreams in a Morning and/or Evening Routine

Personally, visualizing my goals as already complete with my vision journal becomes my daily habit as a part of my morning and evening routine.

Only by looking at it every single day and visualizing what my life looks like after reaching these goals, do I feel so motivated to do the next small step toward them.

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Here are some vision board supplies you may need.

20 Affirmations & Quotes for Vision Boards

“When You Focus On The Good, The Good Gets Better”

“Positivity is a Super Power”

“Small Steps Every Day”

“It’s Not About One Day You’re Doing Everything. It’s About Everyday You’re Doing Something”

“Focus On The Solution, Not The Problem”

“Be a Positive Thinker”

“Done Is Better Than Perfect”

“Trust The Process”

“You‘re Your Only Limit”

“Everyday Is a Second Chance”

“Starve Your Distractions, Feed Your Focus”

“A Little Progress Each Day Adds Up To Big Results”

“It’s Ok To Grow Slow”

“Trust The Timing Of Your Life”

“Success Is The Product Of Daily Habits”

“Stay Patient And Trust Your Journey”

“I’m Strong”

“There Are Endless Opportunities Around Me”

“Today Is Going To Be A Good Day And Tomorrow I Can Grow Further”

“My Past Doesn’t Equal My Future”

Here you can find another bullet journal quotes list for 2023.

7 Steps to Create a Vision Board in a Bullet Journal – Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, creating a vision board is way more complex than sticking pretty pictures and beautiful words on paper.

Definitely, it can really have a huge impact on your life.

In fact, you’re able to focus on your goals, stay strong in order to get through moments of doubt, and be energized to design your life.

However, keep in mind that a vision journal is only a tool.

Gluing a picture of a fit body isn’t enough to get it. You have to plan a workout, meals, body treatments, etc.

But every journey begins with a small step, even if it only includes glue, a pair of scissors, and a piece of paper.

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