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Bullet Journal Self-Care Ideas for 2024

Today I’m going to show you how to start practicing self-care by setting up bullet journal self-care spreads.

In fact, personal journaling actually can help you come up with your self-care routine, develop new habits, and take better care of yourself.

So if you’re looking for simple bullet journal self-care ideas, here I put down my favorite journal inspiration.

Indeed, bullet journal self-care pages helped me:

  • make my self-care practice a priority (later you’ll see what my daily routine looks like)
  • develop good habits
  • remind me to actually stick with them

So let’s get started.

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What is Self-Care

slef care challenge 30 days

Without a doubt, your life is busy.

As a result, your free time is shrinking more and more. Because of it, you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and unfulfilled.

For this reason, practicing self-care on a daily basis is the number one habit you need to develop and keep as soon as possible.

First and foremost, self-care doesn’t equal being selfish. 

Quite the contrary.

Carving out a little bit of time in your busy schedule to spend it just for yourself, makes you feel better.

Consequently, you’re a more patient mom, better wife, and productive employee.

It’s a win-win situation.

What Does Self-Care Mean?

Also, as unwanted as they are, bad days always show up. Particularly, when you don’t expect them.

Indeed, when an unexpected happens, no matter how hard you try, you can’t just run from it. Therefore, you need to find ways to deal with bad days.

As Vivian Greene said:

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

And Sraelmore Ayivor added:

You can dance in the storm. Don’t wait for the rain to be over before because it might take too long. You can do it now. Wherever you’re, right now, you can start right now; this very moment”

However, keep in mind that self-care is a lot more than a cure for the lows and deeps in your life.

It’s rather an important part of your lifestyle.

Generally, self-care means an act of self-kindness.

It’s a process of developing good habits to take care of yourself on a regular basis.

Basically, it’s all about being kind to yourself by getting rid of any bad habits like:

  • thinking you aren’t good enough
  • comparing yourself to other people
  • setting no boundaries

Six Types of Self-Care

According to my favorite self-care blog, there’re six types of self-care:

  • Physical Self-Care
  • Emotional Self-Care
  • Social Self-Care
  • Spiritual Self-Care
  • Personal Self-Care
  • Practical Self-Care

Physical Self-Care Bullet Journal

Firstly, let’s take care of your body.

As a rule, physical self-care tends to be associated with something luxurious like spa treatments, massages, and 24-carat gold masks.

Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with it, but taking a powerful nap or hiking is beneficial as well and so much more affordable.

The whole secret is in choosing what makes you happy.

Examples Of Physical Self-Care

Here’re some examples of physical self-care to follow:

  • walking (and if you decide to attend a walking group, it’ll be also a great example of social self-care routine)
  • sleeping | taking a nap
  • cooking clean meals
  • practicing yoga
  • playing with kids
  • drinking green tea and/or water
  • doing a favorite workout routine
  • breathing
  • hugging
  • relaxing body (especially shoulders and jaw)

Physical Self-Care Bullet Journal Pages

Workout Tracker

workout tracker

Workout in Pixel

self care notebook

Sleep Log

sleep tracker

Step Tracker

step tracker

Emotional Self-Care Bullet Journal

Additionally, taking care of your emotions is crucial for your general condition.

For me, emotional self-care is all about getting to know yourself better, your reactions, thinking patterns.

Generally, what I mean by that is just being self-conscious about why you’re feeling this and not that way.

With this in mind, I found self-journaling a great way to reduce stress and boost my mood.

Definitely, it allows me to put my thoughts and worries onto paper, and as a result, make them less scary.

As well as that, tracking mood and period together allows you to notice how these two influence your energy level, unhealthy cravings, or productivity.

Examples Of Emotional Self-Care

  • journaling
  • meditation
  • practicing mindfulness

Emotional Self-Care Bullet Journal Pages

Mood Tracker & Period Tracker

bullet journal mood tracker

Social Self-Care Bullet Journal

As an introvert, I easily tend to close my shell and stay in my comfort zone.

Personally, this self-category is the most challenging for me.

While it’s hard for me to be comfortable around other people, I know this social aspect of life is also as important as others.

Examples of Social Self-Care

  • call distant relatives
  • have family dinner
  • join a local group (for example jogging group)

Social Self-Care Bullet Journal Pages

Family & Friend Time Activities | Bucket Lists

bullet journal fall doodles

Spiritual Self-Care Bullet Journal

This part of the self-care routine includes a connection with your soul through prayer, meditation, and mindfulness activities.

Undoubtedly, it’s so easy to start thinking negatively when things go wrong. In that case, meditating or practicing mindfulness helps you to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

Also, practicing gratitude constantly reminds you of what you have. And you have more than enough.

Examples of Spiritual Self-Care

  • meditation
  • pray
  • practicing yoga

Spiritual Self-Care Bullet Journal Pages

Daily Affirmations

daily affirmations journal

Gratitude Log

gratitude log

Personal Self-Care Bullet Journal

Personal self-care is all about you. 

As a people pleaser, I often struggle with having my own opinions, thoughts, and right to live according to my own rules.

For this reason, setting up a life vision and goals that are 100% mine was crucial to grow as a person and start living more intentionally.

Examples of Personal Self-Care

  • creating a vision board
  • setting life goals based on Level 10 Life exercise
  • finding a hobby

Personal Self-Care Bullet Journal Pages

Reading Tracker

reading tracker

Bullet Journal Vision Board

my personal dreams and goals notebook

Level 10 Life Goals

Level 10 Life Bullet Journal Layouts

Brain Dump

Weekly Review Page Braindump

Practical Self-Care Bullet Journal

Last but not least, taking care of your work and life environment, personal finances, and use of time is also a big chunk of practicing self-care.

Definitely, it connects a more practical part of life as well.

Living in a clean home, improving time management skills, and feeling safe financially – all these aspects have a significant impact on your well-being.

Examples of Practical Self-Care

  • decluttering
  • cleaning up
  • budgeting
  • planning the next day
  • meal planning
  • watering plants
  • working with time-blocking schedules & intervals (Pomodoro technique)

Practical Self-Care Bullet Journal Pages

Bullet Journal Cleaning Schedule

Monthly Cleaning Schedule

Plant Tracker

Bullet Journal Budgeting Layouts

budgeting bullet journal layouts

Time-Blocking Schedule + Pomodoro Tracker

bullet journal weekly spread ideas

How Do You Start Practicing Self-Care with a Self-Care Bullet Journal

Now, that you know that practicing self-care should be a vivid part of your daily routine, it’s time to show you how to do it.

Because of the fact that I’m an absolutely analog type of person in a digital world, instead of downloading the next self-care app, I prefer to set up self-care spreads in my bullet journal notebook.

Evaluate Your Daily Routine

Firstly, look a little bit closer at your bullet journal weekly schedule and check how many times you actually do something to yourself. Evaluate your daily routine. It’s a great way to see where you’re currently in your self-care.

Find  Favorite Self-Care Examples

Undoubtedly, my favorite way to start practicing self-care regularly is by taking part in a self-care challenge.

Clearly, you can find many weekly, monthly, summer, winter, etc self-care challenge examples, and checklists.

Alternatively, just grab some examples I put above and create your own challenge by setting up a self-care inspiration page.

Plan Your Self-Care Routines in a Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

Secondly, I come up with a self-care plan, where I decide what I want to work on this month.

Then I create a self-care schedule aka self-care calendar in my bullet journal weekly spread.

Similarly to budgeting the golden rule of paying yourself first, schedule your self-care time in the morning, during the day, and in the evening before everything else.

Practice Self-Care Routines & Track Your Progress with a Bullet Journal Habit Tracker

As weird as it might sound, practicing self-care is also a skill.

Although for a long time it means eating a bucket of chocolate ice cream to comfort me (yes, thank you teen movies), developing good self-care habits requires time.

In order to stay accountable, a habit tracker is a great tool to constantly be reminded to take a little time for yourself.

bullet journal habit tracker

Bullet Journal Self-Care Inspiration

august mood tracker

My Daily Self-Care Routine

Generally, I wake up at 6 am (about an hour before other family members) and follow the best morning routine I’ve ever known.

Miracle Morning.

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Basically, I start my day by choosing a positive daily affirmation.

Then I practice yoga for 20 minutes, meditate, and manifest my dreams by using a visualization technique.

Next, I eat a healthy breakfast and read at least 10 pages.

After my reading time, I make my favorite green tea and start journaling.

Sometimes it’s a worry journal, sometimes simple writing of random thoughts.

After completing all the miracle morning steps, I’m ready to conquer a day.

At this time I spend some time with my family. At 9:30 I’m ready to work with 25-5 minute intervals (the Pomodoro technique).

During these 5 minute breaks, I follow a cleaning schedule. One day I mop floors, another day I clean mirrors, etc.

Afternoons I usually spend with my family and for my family, playing game boards, watching Netflix, or cooking meals.

My evening routine starts after my kid’s bedtime. 

Firstly, I complete the mood and habit tracker. Then I plan my next day in a bullet journal. 

Secondly, I tidy my home, putting everything in its place, washing dishes, and cleaning countertops plus tables. It takes me no longer than 15 minutes.

Then I practice bedtime yoga.

After my yoga practice, it’s time for my evening beauty routine.

Undoubtedly, I’m a beauty product minimalist.

Apart from basic personal hygiene, my pampering routine is limited to face massage with plum oil.

Finally, I visualize goals by looking at a vision board while drinking calming tea.

Bullet Journal Self-Care Ideas – Final Thoughts

As you see, even an inconspicuous notebook can be a real game-changer when it comes to self-care.

Obviously, it’s only a tool. All the work has to be done by you.

Nevertheless never underestimate the power of written words, trackers, and other bullet journal self-care spreads.

I hope now you’re ready to start your very own bullet journal.

Just remember to tweak these awesome bullet journal self-care ideas to your needs.

Indeed, the whole beauty of bullet journaling is in its full personalization.

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