As unwanted as they are, bad days always show up, especially when one doesn’t expect them. Bad days are some of those occurrences which one cannot run from, no matter how hard they try. It is thus important to find ways to deal with bad days personally.

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Try to find personal strategies to deal with bad days, as it is unhealthy to allow a bad day last for more than they should.

The list of bullet journal self-care ideas below should give you an idea on how to react to a bad or just inspire to react better to bad days.


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10 Bullet Journal Self-Care Ideas To Get Your Life Together


I. Bullet Journal Self-Care

The idea with dealing with a bad day is to find that activity that takes you to the most beautiful place, far away from the bad day. It is thus necessary to develop a list of such activities.

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II. Bullet Journal Compliment Log

Love Yourself is always a must. Focus on positive things said to you and write them down. It will boost your confidence for sure.

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III. Reading List

If you enjoy reading, this type of self-care activity can work amazing for you. Schedule time for reading, find a cozy nook and start reading. Use a bullet journal to remember what books you want to read.

IV. Mood Tracker

Track your emotions daily. Of course don’t feel any pressure to feel happy all the time. But it’s helpful to notice how your mood is changing during a month.

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V. Workout Tracker

It takes only 5 minutes of moderate exercise to get mood enhancement. So get up and do this every single day. Keep track of your fitness goals.

VI. Beauty Routines

Establish your beauty routine. Just find a morning routine that will help you feel better and energized to start a new day. At the end of the day, try out some of the evening routines. It will help you prepare to sleep better and have more power the next morning.

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VII. Gratitude Log

Make gratitude a part of your every day with bullet journal gratitude log. This habit infuses each day with positivity and happiness. It is all about being grateful for family, friends, health or life.

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VIII. Sleep Log

Sometimes all you need to cure a bad day is sleep. Sleep works excellently in dealing with bad days, especially if one’s sleep pattern has been previously unhealthy. Tuck yourself in bed early and watch the bad day go away.

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IX. Water Log

Keep track of how many cups you are drinking every day. Using bullet journal water log ensures you are staying hydrated all day long.

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X. Meal Planning

Meal planning can really help you eat healthy and clean. Eat a rainbow. You can increase your wellbeing and make your body happy. Use your bullet journal to make meal planning easier.

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