Bullet Journal Budget Layouts Only For People Who Suck With Money

Bullet Journal Budget Layouts Only For People Who Suck With Money

bullet journal budget layouts

It’s almost 2019. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is a debt payoff, you better read this article till the end. Today I share with you bullet journal budget layouts that’ll help you to get your finances under control and manage them like a girl boss (with millions on her account).

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Let’s face it: most of us have some kind of debts: student loan, credit cards, mortgage. And I’m pretty sure that you want to pay them off as soon as possible.

Believe me or not: I strongly believe that bullet journal finance layouts like monthly bills, saving tracker ideas, budget templates can really help you to pay down debts and manage your money way better than before. Even if your income is quite low.


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As I was scrolling down through Pinterest, looking for some inspiring budget journal ideas, I stumbled upon one constantly repeating name: Dave Ramsey.

To be completely honest, I’m financially ignorant. However, the more I dived into Dave Ramsey’s tips, the more I want to give his Baby Steps a chance.

Instead of writing another bullet journal budget layouts roundup post, I complement it with my budgeting bullet journal set up for 2019.


20+ Bullet Journal Budget Layouts Only For People Who Suck With Money


bullet journal budget layouts savings tracker

I. Bullet Journal Budget Layouts: $1000 Savings Goal

The first step (or, to be more precise, a baby step) is to set up an emergency fund you can use for unexpected accidents like medical visits, car repairs etc.

I drew 20 rectangular – each of them equals $50. Every time I save this amount, I’ll color one box. The chart below will show how much money was saved during the month.

bullet journal budget layouts the debt snowball

II. Bullet Journal Budget Layouts: The Debt Snowball

Before you start your debt snowball, you have to identify your debts – how much you owe and to who. Next, put all your debts in order – from the smallest to the largest. You start paying off the smallest one (quick win – what a great motivation!) and then move on to the next one.

If you’re wondering how to use the Debt Snowball spread, please visit The Fun Sized Life for more information.

bullet journal budget layout

III. Bullet Journal Budget Layouts: 3-6 Month Fund

Another fund you should build is 3 to 6 months worth of expenses in case of losing a job.

Here I created another chart how much money I deposit each month.

IV. Bullet Journal Budget Layouts: Retirement

Baby step number 4 is to save some money for retirement. Here Dave Ramsey recommends investing 15% of household income into a retirement fund.

In my layout, I’ll write down where and how much money I invested plus a short note if the investment is a short- or long-term (according to the month).

bullet journal budget layouts

V. Bullet Journal Budget Layouts: College Funding

Baby step number five is to save money for your children’s college education. I created another chart where I’ll fill with my son’s age, value and balance.

VI. Bullet Journal Budget Layouts: Pay Off House

So you have all debts paid off, your savings are more than ok, even your children don’t have to be worried about their education – it’s time to pay off your house earlier.

I’ll use the grid where every month I’ll add some amount, end balance and extra money (finger crossed for that).

bullet journal budget layouts

VII. Bullet Journal Budget Layouts: Build Wealth & Give

It’s the last step. Now you can get started on building wealth to create a better future for yourself. It takes time to accomplish all 6 previous steps. I’ve got feeling that the last chart remains empty for a long time. But “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

So here are my budget bullet journal layouts for 2019. Of course, the whole process will take longer than one year. It’s hard to expect that at the end of 2019 all above charts will be completed. But I think it’s good to have a solid foundation from the beginning.

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Bullet Journal Budget Layouts: Ideas

During the months, I want to create bullet journal budget trackers like bill tracker, spending log or monthly saving.

Below I’ve gathered some of the most inspiring money tracker ideas:


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What do you need to create bullet journal budget spreads

Nothing fancy, I promise. All you need is a pen and a notebook. However, I constantly get questions what I use. My favorite bullet journal supplies are Dingbats notebook and a set of Sakura Micron pens .

BONUS: if you say YES to your brand new Dingbats notebook, use a Coupon Code ABUJOGIRL10 and grab your 10% discount!

Dingbats notebook Sakura Mickron Pens

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Bullet Journal Budget Layouts: Printables

But what if you’re kind of gal that prefer using printables? No problem, you can find a plenty of bullet journal budget tracker printables for free.

Bullet Journal Bill Tracker Printable

You can find this printable on Frugal Fanatic

Visit The Girl Creative and grab your free printable

Get your bill tracker on Life On A Little Hill and grab your free printable

Bullet Journal Savings Tracker Printable

Available on An American Girl In A Hong Kong World

Found on Craftivity Designs

Bullet Journal Expense Tracker Printable

Visit Malena Haas

Grab your free template on Shining Mom

For more free bullet journal printables list, visit:

Free Bullet Journal Printables That’ll Make Your #bujolife Easier

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