Bullet Journal Doodle Ideas [with step-by-step tutorials]

Cute Things to Doodle | The Supreme List of Bullet Journal Doodle Ideas

Today I share with you the best bullet journal doodle ideas that will help you to spruce up your bujo quick and effortless.

Drawing doodles is one of the easiest and funniest way to decorate a bullet journal. As a matter of fact, simple doodling is for everyone.

The most beautiful part of creating easy bullet journal drawings is you don’t have to be an artist at all. Moreover, there are so many awesome easy to draw doodles tutorials that show you step by step how to doodle.

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How to Doodle – Bullet Journal Bujo Drawing Ideas Step by Step

If you’re wondering what is a doodle, remember everything you had ever drawn when you got bored. For example, when you were waiting for your order in the restaurant, you grabbed a piece of napkin and started drawing unwittingly shapes, patterns or maybe characters. Or during the boring math lesson at school. Even in the queue for the dentist. All your funny drawings were doodles.

However, if you want to bring bullet journal doodles on the next level, there are a few simple rules you may want to use.

First of all, you’re able to doodle anything you want. Even if you think that you can’t. Doodling is all about boosting your creativity, chilling out and being free.

Secondly, try to find basic shapes like square, triangle, rectangular or circle in every item you want to draw.

Thirdly, be confident in doodling. The quality of the line is crucial. Shaky hands cause shaky lines and it doesn’t look pretty.

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to use “how to doodle cute things” tutorials. From simple flower drawings to seasonal doodles, save this ultimate list of bullet journal doodle ideas for future reference.

Easy Flower Drawings

Even though it seems to be complicated, it’s quite simple to learn how to draw flowers. Discover these amazing easy flower doodle tutorial ideas for beginners. Check out how to draw a basic flower like rose, tulip, hibiscus and other flower patterns in your bullet journal.

Botanical Doodles

In order to celebrate nature in your bullet journal, learn how to draw tropical leaves, cactus, succulents. The botanical trend is still strong and it seems to stay in our lives forever.

Animal Doodles

In case you want to enhance your bullet journal with some simple animal drawings, learn how to draw cute animals step by step.  

Food Drawings

Without a doubt, you need to see how to draw a funny food. These food doodles are so cute.

Beverages Doodles

Similarly to cute foods drawing, you may want to try beverages doodles in your bujo. Here is an amazing bullet journal tutorial on how to draw beverages step by step.

Weather Doodles

You started tracking the weather. Therefore you use weather doodles. Make your bullet journal weather tracker prettier and learn how to doodle weather icons.

Banner Doodles

Discover the creative doodle ideas for bullet journal header like banners, ribbons, dates, titles.

Book Doodles

These cute drawings book tutorial are perfect not only for bookworms. Book doodles are perfect for school bullet journal themes. Also, you can use them creating a bullet journal reading log.

Travel Doodles

Plan your next travel trip in your bullet journal. Spruce your travel spreads up with these travel drawing ideas.

Season Doodles

Bring the seasonal mood with a bunch of notebook doodles. In most cases, it seems natural to stick with season overall bujo theme ideas.

Spring & Summer Doodles

Fall Doodles

Winter Doodles

Holiday Drawings

Not only your apartment but also a bullet journal needs to be prepared for the holiday season.

Whimsical Doodles

Put a little touch of whimsy in your DIY planner with unicorn doodles, crystals, and other magical drawings.

Space Doodles

If you choose galaxy and space-themed bullet journal spreads, these easy doodling ideas are perfect.

Kawaii Doodles Step by Step

What is “kawaii”? In general, it means cute in Japanese. How to draw kawaii doodles? Think about giant eyes, rounded shapes, and bright colors.

Planner Icon Doodles

Contrary to kawaii doodles, there are many minimal and basic planner icons you can use in your bullet journal layouts.

Other Journal Doodle Ideas

Here I gathered random but easy doodles to draw.

How to Doodle Words

For those of you who want to make your bullet journal fonts look like a pro without using hand lettering techniques, it may be a great option.

Other Doodle Tutorials & Books

Besides Instagram accounts that show you how to draw doodles step by step and YouTube doodling tutorials, there are two (my favorite) ways to improve your diary drawing.


Assuming you don’t know what Skillshare is, basically, it’s an online learning platform with thousands of online classes for photography, designing, crafts and many more. Now you can try it out for free – use this link to get your 2 months trial period.


For those of you that prefer learning from books, here are some great ones:

How to Start Doodling

First of all, get some pen, pencil, and paper (you can find my recommendation below). And just start.

Begin with basic shapes like squares, circles, hearts. Don’t forget about lines, waves, spirals. When you combine them all together, you’ll create patterns and simple doodle ideas.

The practice is the best and only way to get better on doodling. Follow the tutorials, watch YouTube videos, enroll in Skillshare classes. Be consistent. After some time you’ll see the improvement.

Just be patient. Remember that comparison is theft of joy. Don’t compare yourself to other bullet journalists.

Bullet Journal Doodle a Day Challenges

One of the funniest ways to practice doodling is to attend in monthly challenges. Basically, you use the drawing prompts list as a daily drawing inspiration.

Usually, the bullet journal monthly challenges are on Instagram. You draw one doodle a day and post the picture of your drawing with a dedicated hashtag. You’re part of doodling community, where you can share your experience, knowledge and encourage others.

Bullet Journal Doodles Printables

Just as participating in monthly challenges, using free printable bullet journal doodles practice sheet can really improve your art skills.

Firstly you trace over the doodles. Then you draw them freehand. It’s so much fun!

Easy Doodle Drawings – What You Need

The most popular question I see when it comes to doodle in your planner is what pen, paper to use. For the most part, you claim you need this pen or that paper in order to draw like an artist. And it’s not true.

The best pen is the one that works for you. Clearly, you achieve the different effect of your bullet journal doodles with an ordinary pen and professional one.

My favorite Sakura Pigma Micron pens don’t smear. The ink is dark and rich in pigment. They’re so convenient to use.

When it comes to bullet journal notebook, I love my vegan one from Dingbats. The paper quality is so high. The ink doesn’t bleed through – so far it’s the best bujo notebook I’ve ever used.

In addition to this, sometimes you need to add some color to your awesome doodles. If you’re looking for something affordable, Crayola Supertips Markers are the best option.

On the other (more pricey) side, I highly recommend Tombow Dual Brush Pens. You can use them to obtain a watercolor effect.

Notebook Doodle Ideas – Final Thoughts

To sum up, doodling is a great way to make your bullet journal look fancier and more instagrammable.

But there are a lot of other benefits of daily drawing in your planner.

First of all, doodling effects on your brain. It’s proven that learning how to doodle improves your creativity, memory, coordination and even self-esteem.

Secondly, it has an impact on your emotions. You’re more optimistic and think more positive.

Thirdly, creating simple drawings fo bullet journal, simply makes your life better. It reduces stress, improves your mood and is a great way to relax.

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bullet journal doodle ideas

Bullet Journal Doodle Ideas | Easy Doodles to Draw for Bullet Journal

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