Easy Flower Doodles for a Bullet Journal [with Tutorials]

Ready to learn how to draw easy flower doodles? 

This post is all about creating a flower doodle art in a bullet journal.

Today you’re going to learn how to draw simple floral drawings for beginners, including step-by-step tutorials.

In fact, you’ll see that you don’t have to be extremely super talented in order to create artistic bullet journal spreads.

So, if you want to add some easy floral elements to your bullet journal pages, this is the ultimate guide on how to draw easy, cute flower doodles like:

  • sunflower doodles
  • wildflower doodles
  • flower wreaths
  • leaves doodles
  • spring flowers
  • tropical flowers

Along with this, in the end, you’ll learn how you can add flower drawings to your bujo.

Definitely, this ultimate list of easy things to draw will be helpful for those of you who:

  • don’t feel confident when it comes to bullet journal spread composition
  • struggle with creative journal ideas

Also, you can find a lot of bullet journal doodle ideas here.

So, let’s get started.

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How to Draw Easy Flower Doodles

step by step fspring flower tutorial

Start From Basic Simple Flower Doodles

First and foremost, I’d suggest you start slow from the basic simple design.

Basically, creating this overcomplicated flower doodle lineart with different:

  • line thickness
  • shadows,
  • and other artistry elements

is a straight road to frustration.

At least, I felt very discouraged.

Indeed, it’s all about Pinterest versus reality kind of thing.

Draw with Pencil First

Although it’s pretty obvious, sometimes you may forget you can draw with a pencil first.

Basically, there’s room for mistakes here.

With this in mind, just use a soft pencil and draw delicate lines.

Also, it allows you to erase the sketch with ease.

Practice Your Line Quality

Definitely, your simplest flower doodle ever will look like an art piece if your line quality is on top.

And yes, while shaking hands is a huge issue for most of us, practice makes progress.

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First of all, inking pens allow you to draw black, smooth, thin (or thick) lines and create the aesthetic flower leaves or even the entire minimalist flower drawing.

On the other hand, you can create colorful designs or even watercolor flower arts by using affordable markers or (more expensive) brush pens.

Also, you can learn more about the best bullet journal supplies here.

Follow Step by Step Tutorials

Definitely, learn from others.

Basically, there are plenty of flower doodles step-by-step tutorials you can follow.

Add Your Style 

Last but not least, start experimenting with line thickness, blending techniques, different art supplies.

Now, when you know the basics, you can easily add your own personality and style to your bullet journal page design.

In other words, find your creative outlet and unleash your creativity.

Easy Flower Doodles

Leaves Doodles

Additionally, the next decorative element you may want to add to your easy flower doodles is leaves. 

For example, do you know that simple fern leaves can be drawn in seven different ways?

Yes, definitely drawing leaves can be a fun creative challenge to spend time on.

Moreover, it doesn’t have to be complicated –  think about simple but different shapes of branches and leaves.

Also, feel free to color them with other colors than green ones.

Just like in bouquets, leaves complete the general look and give the entire design an extra kick.

It can be a great background as a nice pop of color for cute flower doodles.

And there a plenty of leaves to choose from.

For example:

  • basic leaves
  • tropical leaves doodles like a banana leaf, monstera, fern
  • palm leaves
  • fall leaves

You can add them to your simple flower doodles, flower wreaths, or use them as borders or dividers.

Also, you can find a list of easy tutorials here.

Flower Doodles for Bullet Journal

Unquestionably, flower doodles are a beautiful decoration for your bullet journal pages. However, If you have some trouble where to put them, here are some ideas and inspiration to follow.

However, if you have some trouble where to put them, here are some ideas and inspiration to follow.

First of all, easy flower doodles may play the main part in your bullet journal spread or be only small decorative elements.

For example, you can add flower drawings to your:

Alternatively, you use flower doodles as an element for:

  • borders
  • dividers
  • titles

Last but not least, you level up your bullet journal spreads, adding floral elements to fill in the remaining negative space.

Easy Flower Doodles – Final Thoughts

As you can see, you don’t need to be an artist to decorate bullet journal spreads in a fancy way.

First and foremost, these 70+ easy flower doodles step-by-step tutorials will help you to elevate your doodling skills and spruce your favorite bujo pages up quickly. 

No matter if you choose simple flower doodles with lines and basic shapes or you decide to go for watercolors – bullet journal doodling is all about having fun, unleashing creativity, and practicing self-care.

Just don’t get caught up in a perfectionist mind.

On the contrary, the less refined your flower doodles look, the better, more organic end effect you get.

So, next time you start to decorate bullet journal layouts, all you have to do is to add sunflower doodles to a weekly log, create a wildflower meadow as a decoration for an inspirational quote, and draw flowers wreath doodles as headers.

Undoubtedly, I guarantee you’ll love the final look.

Good luck!

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