Awesome Summer Bullet Journal Themes – The Best Bullet Journals for Summer

Although summer has nothing to do (or at least it shouldn’t have) with time management, productivity and planning out your time, still starting bullet journals for summer seems to be a good idea. If you’re wondering how to transition from business or student journal to summer bullet journal, this article is a must-read for you to kickstart the vacation season.

Creating summer bullet journal spreads is so much fun. Ok, maybe you won’t fill out every single column and row with tasks, but having a place where you can collect every single memory, funny quotes or pictures is priceless.

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What Is a Bullet Journal?

In case, you’ve never heard of a bullet journal (I still have a hard time believing that), it’s an awesome system to plan out your main tasks, appointments, responsibilities as well as to track your personal and/or business life.

Most of us like to add some personality in the bullet journal layouts. No matter if you draw like a professional artist or rather like 2 years old kid, there are many bullet journals hacks to spruce up your notebook a little bit with seasonal decoration.

Speaking of the notebook, there are so many questions about bullet journal notebooks, pens, and other accessories.

What Bullet Journal Supplies Do I Need?

Short, sweet and to the point – use what you have, experiment and always try something new. Remember that works for me, it doesn’t mean necessarily that it works for you.

Bullet Journal Themes

Anyway, if you’re wondering how you level up your bujo, I give you one small hint: bullet journal monthly themes.

Yes, choosing a theme makes your DIY planner looks cohesive and simply pretty. As the seasons are changing, you may want to stick with spring, summer, fall or winter color palette, doodles, drawings, etc. It’d be quite weird to make your bullet journal of July full Christmas doodles, snowmen or gingerbread houses. But if you’re ok with that – again, it’s your planner and I’m far away from judging you or anyone.

Sometimes you may spend a lot of time thinking about which theme you should use next month. It’s such a waste of time, scrolling through the endless Instagram or Pinterest feed, looking for some summer bullet journal inspiration. What is more, I bet that in less than 5 minutes you’ll feel overwhelmed and discouraged by all these gorgeous bullet journal ideas.

To be with you completely honest, I don’t have a magic bullet journal themes generator. If only it was that easy. But, it’s my second article about bujo monthly ideas so I gathered the top of the top bullet journal summer spread ideas.

Summer Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

When it comes to summer bullet journal themes, think about food (watermelon, pineapple, lemon, ice-creams), vacation (camping, beach, ocean theme, traveling, hot balloons), nature (sunflowers, hibiscus, tropical plants, palms, succulents) – the sky is the limit.

Please find an awesome summer theme inspiration below.

Bujo June Theme

Hello June, hello summer! What does it mean to me? Juicy fruit, cold ice-cream and careless time on a beach. I love this almost postcard summer beach themed cover page with palm trees, lovely sunset, and cute birds. Summer is all about refreshing fruits like watermelon or lemon. Why don’t you incorporate it in your bullet journal monthly theme? As well as ice-cream, they’re essentials for the beginning of summer.

bujo june theme

happybujolife | northernplanner | bujoandcookies | journalsbykatie

July Themed Monthly Cover Ideas

Recently I’ve been watching many Cappadocia hot air ballooning films. Wow, it must be an epic adventure. Anyway, when I stumbled upon the hot-ballons monthly theme, it was it.

Ocean themed bujo spreads looks also incredible. Especially if you use watercolors.

The brightness of the yellow in the next July cover inspiration draws attention immediately. Sunflowers are simply the best.

The last bullet journal inspo is more calm and pastel. I can’t get enough of tropical vibes: green tropical leaves like monstera, pink flamingos, etc.

July is definitely my favorite summer month!

july themed cover page

explorejournaling | allorasbujo | plinthced | bujowithnatoe

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August Bullet Journal Ideas

I wish I were more patient with watercolors. The end effect is gorgeous – look at this sea in the bottle idea and water lilies theme.

Fun fact – last August I created my favorite cover page ever – Venice Beach theme is always a good idea.

For this year, I really hesitate between hot balloon and plant theme. These succulents look so cute. Besides, they’re the only plants that survived in my apartment.

august bullet journal ideas

lafondari | Anja Home | cozydaydreams | bujoalice

Summer Spread Ideas

After spending almost 10 months on organizing a student or work life, it’s really good to feel summer vibes and go a tiny bit crazy and free with bullet journaling. I love the fact that now it’s the best time to be creative and think outside the box.

You can literally create whatever you like – summer bucket list, one sentence journal, gratitude log, travel spreads. Boost your motivation with an awesome and inspirational quote, train an imagination and design incredible summer bullet journal art.

bullet journals summer

plslars | betweenthesteps | dragonflydots | keletters

Summer Doodles

Doodles, beside hand-lettering fonts (but about it for a moment), level up your spreads from mediocre to the epic ones. It’s never too late to learn drawing tricks and hacks. From my experience, nowadays it’s only a matter of willingness, determination and time (yes, the most valuable thing) to start making the masterpieces.

Bullet journal community is insanely helpful. It’s mind-blowing how many creators want to share their knowledge and experience with beginners. There are a lot of bujo accounts on Instagram, where bujo influencers show step by step how to doodle tropical leaves or lemon slices and many more.

summer bullet journal art

lasirenailustra | luloveshandmade | explorejournaling | bonjournal_

Another great source is YouTube. You can find there many doodle tutorials like this one:

My third favorite way to learn how to doodle is Skillshare. It’s a platform with a lot of creative classes like drawing, painting, doodling. The monthly spread below I draw after I took one of a doodling class. That’s pretty cool!

bujo monthly layout

Minimalistic Bullet Journal Spreads

For all my minimalist friends, here are some simple but elegant spreads. Look how stunning fonts look like. In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with minimalistic bullet journal spreads, unless your lettering is clean and well executed.

bullet journal minimal layouts

bullet_journalish | watsblue.planner | inkbyjeng | minimalistic.journal

More examples you can find here .

Bullet Journal Printables

Summer planning with bullet journal shouldn’t be complicated and time-consuming. But, let’s face it – you can spend thousands of hours making perfect bullet journal layouts. Luckily, many of us – bullet journalist who is passionate about it, create pdf printables and upload them online. Now you print them and suit to your needs.

This is how I set up my bullet journal summer print using my favorite bullet journal supplies: Crayola markers , Sakura Micron pens plus Dingbats notebook and glue tape .

summer bullet journal inspiration

summer bujo inspo

summer planning bullet journal

bullet journal weekly theme

Now you can get this A5 pdf template and customize it in your way.

bullet journal pdf template

Awesome Summer Bullet Journal Themes – The Best Bullet Journals for Summer: Wrap – Up

Summer is a great time to experiment in your bullet journal. You can use just simple products like Crayola markers or set the bar a little higher and stick with watercolors. Or maybe you just don’t want to spend time doodling, there’s plenty of decorative accessories like washi tapes or scrapbook paper that’ll spruce your bujo up. Just be creative and have fun.

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