The most frequently asked question I got during the Back-To-School season was about bullet journal tips for newbies. And I bet I start to receive this type of question again – yep, the holiday season is just around the corner. You want to get your life better in the new year and bullet journal is a great way to set your goals, achieve your dreams and stay on track.

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After almost 6 months of bullet journaling, I wrote down all words of wisdom how to start your adventure with bullet journal without feeling daunted. Here are 5 bullet journal tips you’ll want to know before you start.

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5 Essential Bullet Journal Tips You’ll Want To Know Before You Start

Bullet Journal Tip No.1 – Start Now!

What day is it today? Tuesday? Maybe Thursday? It really doesn’t matter. Who said that your bullet journal weekly spread should always start at the beginning of the week?

Please, don’t wait until next week, month or new year. It’s such a waste of time.

Bullet Journal Tip No.2 – Start With What You Have

So you decided to start your bullet journal today. Now, what do you need to make it happen? Let’s move to bullet journal supplies. I assume that if you’re thinking of giving bullet journal a try, you probably are also a stationery freak. It’s so tempting to buy these amazing notebooks, pens, fineliners etc.

However, before you buy this freakin’ awesome Dingbats bullet journal notebook for $20, go to Target and get the most ordinary one for $1. Even better: check your home office first. I bet you find a basic notebook, pencil, rubber, pen and maybe some highlighters. Bonus tip: go to your kid’s room and borrow Crayola markers (they’re simply the best!)

To be honest that’s all you need to start a bullet journal.

You can see my first bullet journal below. The paper was so bad. Smudges, ghostings, bleeds – yes, it was an issue. But it allowed me to ensure that bujo is my thing without spending a lot of money.




bullet journal weekly layout


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Bullet Journal Tip No.3 – Make It Work For You

Now, when you have your basic supplies, it’s time to create your first spread. Most of the bullet journal newbies hit the wall and start to feel completely overwhelmed. It’s quite possible that you can feel that way. You scroll through Instagram feed and just don’t know which spread to chose.

The whole beauty of bullet journal is that it’s fully customizable and gives freedom. In the same time, you can feel lost. I suggest setting up with two – three spreads. Which one? – it really depends on your lifestyle, goals, personality.

Remember, “nothing will work unless you do”.

For example:

I started with horizontal monthly spread and discovered that vertical monthly layout worked better for me.

My second spread was a mood tracker After not completing it two months in the row, I gave up.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. There is no right or wrong answer. You can’t start a bullet journal in a wrong way.

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Bullet Journal Tip No.4 – Shut Up Your Inner Perfectionist

Being a perfectionist is a nightmare. I know what I’m writing.

Can you guess how long I was able to create a single bullet journal page? A couple of hours.

Nobody has time to do that. Me neither. I’ve decided to have done with it.

Bullet journaling is a great thing but it can’t make you feel stressed. Create bujo spreads to have a better life, not for Insta fam.

Bullet Journal Tip No.5 – Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Have you ever heard that “comparison is a theft of joy”?

It’s insane how talented artists I “meet” every day on Instagram or Pinterest. Sometimes a little voice in my head appears and says “your bujo sucks”, “you’re not good enough” or “I wish I drew like her”.

Do you want to know how I deal with it?

Instead of scrolling through Instagram feed, getting more and more frustrated, I log off IG and start to doodle, improve hand-lettering or learn drawing.

Stop comparing yourself to others and start comparing yourself with you. Think about what can you do to improve your bullet journal.

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