For a lot of people, days, weeks and months go by, and they can’t point out what exactly they did in that time. With life becoming more compartmentalized for most people, finding an efficient system that helps to keep track of one’s activities can be tasking. If you’re struggling with staying on top of all the activities, you can try using a bullet journal.

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I have to warn you: you’ll easily get caught in the trap. I bet you’ll be scrolling through gazillions of inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram. And after the first moment of enthusiasm, you’ll get overwhelmed and daunted. Because you’re not an artist. You can’t draw these beautiful botanical doodles, you don’t know any calligraphy tricks. Me neither. But I can show you how to set up your first bullet journal with no art skills.


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How To Set Up Your First Bullet Journal With No Art Skills


I. Bullet Journal Setup: Key

Since your bullet journal is meant to help you keep track of your life better, you should establish a key system that works for you. This key system will be for activities to plan to carry out whether later in the week or month or year.

You could make the key system according to the priority placed on each task or the level of completion of the task. You should also get creative as you establish the key system.

Remember, your bullet journal is your personal space that you should explore to the fullest.

Yes, you’ll find a lot of amazing key pages ideas on Pinterest. And now I could write that you should start simple. Like this:


But who am I kidding? We both know that we want something spectacular like this:

Image courtesy of Sery Little Notes

Let’s face it: it takes some time and practice to design a great page. Good news: you can start right now.

Have you heard about Skillshare? It’s an amazing learning platform where you can find thousands of online mini-courses. I started with “Botanical Line Drawing” class (and with this link you’ll get 2 months of Premium classes for free!)

Here are my key pages:


I actually think they’re pretty cool.

II. Bullet Journal Setup: Layouts

There is no single approach in designing layouts of a bullet journal. So don’t overthink it. As you go along, you’ll find your style, what works, what doesn’t. I would say don’t be afraid to copy others’ layouts that you see on Instagram. It’s a great way to see what you like what you don’t like. It’ll help you to develop your style. Next time you can tweak it in your own way.

If you copy somebody else’s design and you publish it on your social media, please always credit the artist.

This beautiful layout was inspired by loeeval

Inspired by my.life.in.a.bullet

III. Bullet Journal Setup: Collections

Life is in different layers for different people, and your bullet journal should cover all the layers of your life appropriately. Depending on your aim, other sections such as life goals, motivation, and creativity sections could also be part of your bullet journal collections.

All credit goes to robys_bujo

Image courtesy of journal.doodles

Found on pepper and twine

Check out bloomandink profile for more inspiration

Image courtesy of claudis.bujo

IV. Bullet Journal Setup: Supplies

If I had an extra couple dollars, guess what I would buy… Supplies, supplies, supplies.

As the beginner, I started small and simple with a set of 3 Sakura Pigma Micron Assorted Pens, Zebra Midliners, and Stabilo Highlighters. You can start with an ordinary pen and crayons and upgrade your tools after time.

As you begin to design your bullet journal, remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Yes, it’s nice to have beautiful brush script and calligraphy but give yourself time to develop and improve your art skills. After all, bullet journal is your customized time management system and supposed to be functional for you and not to cause your stress.

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