Because so many of you asked me (or I should rather say dmed me on Instagram ) how to make a bullet journal instantly look prettier, it inspires me to share with you some bullet journal tricks and tricks you want to use this fall.

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The beauty of bullet journaling is in the fact that you create your own system to suit your needs. The best part – you don’t have to be an artist.

–> How To Set Up Your First Bullet Journal With No Art Skills

Here you can find my favorite bujo hacks that’ll spruce up your bullet journal this season.


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5 Bullet Journal Tricks That’ll Get Your BuJo Ready For Fall


I. Bullet Journal Tricks: Fall Washi Tape

Washi tape can literally save your bullet journal. How many times you misspelled or omitted day of the week (I have this problem with Wednesday. What’s wrong with Wednesdays?)? If you rip out every page you made a mistake on.. well, it’s a 2x eco (ecology & economy) blooper.

Luckily you can cover your mistakes with washi tape. And even if you’re a perfect bullet journalist, washi tapes are a great way to decorate your planner as well.

This season I would choose:

  • Gold Foil Washi Tape for glamorous BuJo lovers
  • Fall Leaves Washi Tape for fans of Ann of Green Gables
  • Set of 5 Pastel Autumn Leaves Washi Tape for minimalists

    II. Bullet Journal Tricks: Fall Stickers

    Another way to add to your bullet journal some fall vibes is to use stickers. There are plenty of them on Etsy.

    My favorites are:

  • Hand Painted Fall/Autumn Sticker Collection
  • Watercolor Autumn Planner Stickers
  • Rustic Chic Decoration Stickers

    III. Bullet Journal Tricks: Fall Stencils

    If you like bullet journal DIY’s, but you don’t have time to draw fall doodles, stencils are a great solution. Pumpkins , woodland creatures , leaves – they look amazing.

    IV. Bullet Journal Tricks: Fall Headers & Banners

    Recently I’ve got a question why I spend so much time creating headers. The answer is simple: it’s the very first thing you see. You have only one chance to make a great first impression. Gorgeous bullet journal headers and banners will help you to stand out in the bullet journal community.

    –> 50+ Bullet Journal Header Ideas Every Newbie Needs

    One of my favorite artist is Natasha from Artist Explores. Good news: you can buy her work on Etsy .

    V. Bullet Journal Tricks: Fall Doodles

    I love doodling. I’m looking forward to drawing apple pie, woodland creatures, hot chocolate etc. doodles. Here are some samples:




    Get your bullet journal ready for fall! I hope these 5 super simple and affordable bullet journal tricks will help you to level up your BuJo layouts.

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